USATF Championship Drone Show

You may have seen a javelin fly, you may have seen a discus fly, but have you seen a fleet of 200 drones take the sky? Go Drones took flight for the USATF Championship Drone Show.

GO Drone Show recap video for the United States Track & Field Championship

Spokane joined Portland as just the second west coast city to host the USATF Indoor Championships since Oakland hosted the event in 1967. The two-day competition featured hundreds of the country’s best track and field athletes. All the athletes vying for national titles in events from 60 to 3,000 meters, all field events, and the 3,000m race walks.

Another event occurred in concluding the national event that would distinguish who would represent the United States in the World Championships. This event left spectators starstruck. Go Drones took the sky in historic River Front Park, seen from Spokane’s new sports facility, The Podium. This show was no simple task for Go Drones. They hurdled obstacles such as freezing temperatures and snowfall. 

The show illuminated pole vaulters, hurdlers, and jumpers hundreds of feet in the sky. Our drone show successfully cast images so large it was something out of a fantasy novel. The USATF logo projected 300 feet into the sky. The USATF Championship drone show left spectators in awe and was a great way to end the competition.