UFO Spotted In El Paso, Texas

Saturday, October 29th – UFO and extraterrestrial life spotted in El Paso, Texas. A giant UFO and alien hovered in the sky at 400ft. However, these were completely harmless as they were a part of a drone show! Go Drones performed a halloween drone show for Spooky Moon Music Festival.

UFO Spotted In El Paso, Texas – Drone Show

Spooky Moon, a first year festival brought great artists to El Paso, including Gryffin, Audien, Ghastly, Snbrn and many more! The day-long party elevated their entertainment with a not one, not two, but THREE drone shows in one night.

Along with UFO’s and aliens there were many other designs in the show. These three shows included 915, the El Paso Star, and Paydirt Pete walking up a mountain were featured in these shows.

According to the El Paso Times, Mark Grissom, who is representing Quattro Hermanos, said this is the latest in technology entertainment and it will be a sight to see.

“We’re going to have a first-ever drone show. The company that does these drone shows is out of Idaho and they do the shows at EDC in Las Vegas. It is spectacular,” he said. “It’s like 300 drones to do the show in Las Vegas; we’re going a step further to hire their whole fleet of 400 drones.”

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