“What The Heck?” Priceless Reaction To Phoenix Raceway Drone Show

“What The Heck?” Priceless Reaction To Phoenix Raceway Drone Show!

Go Drones headed to Phoenix, AZ to perform at the NASCAR Cup Series Championship. Our drones took to the sky on Friday night to perform their show sponsored by Lucas Oil. The 400 drones filled the sky with images of racing cars, flags, the NASCAR logo, and more.

One of our favorite parts about working in our industry is seeing the reaction of spectators. Tyler Reddick, an American professional stock car racing driver, had a priceless reaction to the Phoenix Raceway drone show and captured it all on video! As Reddick filmed the shows, in the background you hear his commentary of phrases including “What the heck? What is that?” And a final “Wow”. Check out the full video in the Tweet, below.

Reactions like these are what make our jobs so worth it. We love performing shows for everyone, but the amazement of the crowd is the icing on the cake! To learn more about drone shows, visit godroneshows.com.

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