One By One Foundation Drone Show

Go Drones set to the sky at Riverclub Country Club for a One By One Foundation Drone Show. This event took place in Boise, ID, for one of the Foundation’s charity events on Father’s Day. The event included a golf tournament, live music, and family activities and ended with a jaw-dropping drone show! The 200 drones featured the One By One Foundation’s mission of healing minds, hearts, and spirits by illuminating this slogan 300 feet in the air. While the show was a fun addition to the event, it also brought in an abundance of people and helped aid in fundraising for their cause.

The One By One Foundation raises money to provide financial support, education, and other unique opportunities to those in need. They heal hearts by providing therapeutic animals and farm activities. They heal minds through sponsoring education and self-sustaining businesses in Ghana, Africa. Finally, they heal spirits through yoga, prayer, and meditation.

Go Drones programmed and projected many breathtaking images into the sky for this show. A pig illuminated the sky to feature their animal-assisted activities. Also, “Happy Father’s Day” was spelled in the sky to honor all the father’s day at the events. Additionally, the show concluded with the One By One Foundations logo to tie it all together. The One by One Foundation Drone Show was a great success and a fantastic way to give back to the community. Drone shows are a great attraction to include in any fundraising event to bring out a crowd and amaze your guests. To book a drone show or learn more about what we do, visit