Idaho Concert Series Drone Shows

The 2022 Idaho Concert Series took fans into the future when Go Drones performed at their concerts. The Idaho Concert Series drone shows performed at Bret Michael, Coffey Anderson, Lakeview, Faux Fighters, and Nirvanish.

The Idaho Concert Series takes place in Boise and Pocatello, bringing 30+ top artists to Idaho. They offer a wide range of genres from country, rock, alternative, and everything in between. During the first two concert weekends, the concert series kicked off its summer with GO Drone Shows! Coffey Anderson, a hit country star, performed with images of cowboy hats, boots, and American flags projected in the sky. Bret Michaels’s show featured a rose for “Every Rose Has Its Thorns” and a palm tree for his “Parti Gras” theme. The Lakeview show flew images of cacti and UFOs. Finally, the Faux Fighters and Nirvanish (a popular cover band) performed with images of guitars, psychedelic shapes, and other images in the sky!

At these shows, 100 drones took flight from behind the stages. As concert-goers enjoyed the music, they were surprised, but jaw-dropping drone shows synced to the performers’ music! The Idaho Concert Series Drone Shows were the perfect way to kick off the series and keep fans coming back wanting more!