How Do Drone Shows Work?

Go Drone shows take to the sky with anywhere between 50-1000’s drones. But don’t worry, there aren’t 1000 people standing below with an operating controller. So how do drone shows work? Our drones synchronize and position by pixels to create images hundreds of feet in the sky. They go through a 4 step process of a site visit, programming the show, setting up the grid, and then launching.

Site Visits

GO Drone Shows “Flight Team” members James Starr, Carson Woolery, and Jesse Asoau setting up a drone show!

Once the show date and agreement finalize, our pilots head out to the site to ensure the safety and accuracy of the flight path. Our top-of-the-line drones can fly up to 400 feet. They can withstand up to 30mph winds and temperamental weather such as light rain and snow.

Programming The Show

Our team creates a storyboard with the client to determine what images to program and showcase. Using unique and proprietary software, we position each drone as a pixel. Their flight paths are accurate down to the centimeter to ensure accuracy. Our experienced designers can create any design imaginable, from 2D to 3D, and animations. We will send off the digital version of the show for the client to approve.

Setting Up The Grid

A Grid of GO Drone Show drones getting set up for a test flight!

On the day of the show, our flight team sets up a grid, spacing each drone 5 feet apart. We ensure flight path accuracy by perfectly positioning the drones.

Launching The Show

GO Drone Shows light the 4th of July sky with the local KPVI News Channel 6 logo.
News Channel 6 KPVI logo illuminates the sky in southern Idaho for the 4th of July Drone Show

When the time comes, our pilot in command will upload the show files to each drone and run health and safety checks. We then initiate a countdown to launch the show and watch as all the hard work pays off and you get to experience a one-of-a-kind visual experience in the sky.

How do drone shows work? To learn more about the process, Contact Go Drones.