Drone Show Proposal

In April of 2022, I had been working at The Go Agency for about 3 years. Our small team had recently acquired a set of drones and decided to experiment with producing and flying drone light shows with our new company, Go Drones. As I went to a site in Idaho to view a practice show, I was shocked to see that the show was dedicated to me. My mind started running with pure confusion when I saw my name illuminated in the sky. At this moment, I realized it was a drone show proposal. As the image changed from my name to “Will You Marry Me” it all made sense. I turned my head and saw my finance on one knee holding out a ring. As I say yes to spending the rest of my life with him, “She Said Yes” illuminates the sky.

Drone Show Proposal. Go Drone Shows

Since the drone show proposal, Go Drones has changed the lives of many! Our performances at charity events help to bring in donations to support amazing causes. Performances at music festivals have added to the euphoric atmosphere to amaze concertgoers. Brand and product launches will never be the same now that companies have started breaking barriers and hiring drones to launch their products with hundreds of drones in the sky.

Drone shows are an amazing new innovation that is taking over. The preciseness and customization of these shows are like nothing that has ever been seen before. I am extremely lucky to be one of the ones to have my life changed by these incredible shows, and I am just the first of many. The sky is no longer the limit with Go Drones.