Drone Show Proposal

Go Drones, headquartered in Boise, successfully designed & produced the first drone show proposal in Idaho.

Taking flight high above the infield at Expo Idaho on Thursday, April 21, the one-of-a-kind show featured 190 pre-programmed, GPS-coordinated drones capable of pinpoint accuracy.

After a dazzling eight-minute display of vibrant 3-D imagery, the drones momentarily went dark before illuminating the Treasure Valley sky with a life-changing question” “Will you marry me?”

Amid raucous cheers from a small crowd of friends and family, the soon-to-be fiance fell to one knee while gazing up at his shocked girlfriend. On cue, the drones assembled into a giant diamond engagement ring high above the Treasure Valley sky, providing a picture-perfect backdrop for this memorable engagement.

Jonathan Segali, CEO of The Go Agency, says it’s a thrill to push boundaries and make dreams a reality while allowing people to experience the night sky like never before.

“We’re truly blessed to live in the United States and are excited to do our part to shine the spotlight on the Treasure Valley while bringing Idaho to the forefront of cutting-edge technology and innovation.”

It was an honor being the first drone show proposal to Idaho, and we know it won’t be the last! To learn more about our shows, visit godroneshows.com.

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