Drone Fireworks – Top 3 Reasons to Book A Drone Show Event

Drone light shows have become increasingly popular at events, celebrations, and many other occasions. In many cases, like sporting events and 4th of July festivals, drone shows are quickly replacing firework shows. GO Drone Shows is ushering in a new era of safe and legal sky entertainment. We strongly advise all entertainment companies and events to regularly check the Fireworks Laws by the state. This trend of regulation isn’t going away anytime soon, so we decided to write about the main differences between drones and fireworks.

GO Drone Show Fireworks light up the sky at EDC in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our Shows are Completely Customizable

Drones are completely customizable in the designs that light up the sky. Our experienced designers can create any custom designs from 2D, 3D, and animated images! Our shows can tell a story that takes the audience on a journey that can have a message behind it.

Drone Shows are Environmentally Friendly

Drone Shows aid the pain points of entertaining guests in areas with burn bans that prohibit fireworks because there is no risk of starting fires. Moreover, fireworks release a cocktail of chemicals into the environment when lit, harming both people and the environment. Additionally, to produce the oxygen needed for the explosion, many fireworks contain oxidizers that can dissolve in water, contaminating rivers, lakes, and drinking water. Drone shows are remarkably energy-efficient and eliminate any harm to the environment. 

GO Drone Shows an American Flag design flown high above a lake for a 4th of July celebration event.

Give your Guests a Memorable Experience

Don’t get us wrong, fireworks are fantastic! However, everyone has seen fireworks a multitude of times throughout their lives. We can assure you that event guests go home with a spectacular memory in their pock from witnessing a GO Drone Show for the first time! The animations and coordination of the drones always leave a lasting impression!

Is your event or organization torn between fireworks or a drone show? It’s time to join the future of entertainment and blow away your crowd with technology that will take your event to new heights!