Cost Of A Drone Show

Drone light shows are still a new and emerging technology that is starting to take over the entertainment industry. Because drone shows are so new, one of the biggest questions revolves around the cost of a drone show. The costs of a drone show start at $20,000 minimum but vary greatly depending on many factors outlined below.

  • The Number of Drones In The Show – The number of drones used in the show is the biggest cost variable. We charge between $200 – $600 per drone per show and each show can have between 100 – 1000+ drones!
  • Design Complexity – Designing a drone show is a very complex and time-consuming process. Based on the client’s preferences, our shows can be 100% custom or have some predesigned elements included with some custom elements. The amount of custom and complex designs wanted in the show will affect the overall price.
  • Show Location – The location of the show will also have an impact on the cost. Based on the location of the show, extra travel costs may reflect in the overall price.
  • Busy Dates/Holidays – There are a few dates when everyone is looking to book drone shows. These dates include the 4th of July, New Year’s Eve, and other holidays. Due to the high number of inquiries these days, prices will go up.

As you see, the cost of a drone show can vary greatly based on a multitude of factors. If you are interested in seeing how much a drone show would cost for your event, contact us!