Boise Hawks Baseball Drone Show

Go Drones had a home run performance at the Boise Hawks Drone Show.

Imagine a beautiful summer night, the smell of BBQs in the air, a packed ballpark ready to rumble. The sky is clear, and the temperature is perfect. You just ate a hotdog and washed it down with an ice-cold beer. To the crowd’s disappointment, they thought the game was over. Little did they know, a home run performance was taking to the sky.

A Boise Hawks baseball player custom designed by GO Drone Shows for the Boise Hawks drone show event.

The buzz of drone motors filled the stadium as they took to the sky, creating a spectacle seen for miles.

The stadium walls were lit with an immaculate shine of light. The fans initial confusion quickly turned into awe. They all noticed something taking place just outside of the stadium walls. Two hundred drones began to fly into the air with their LED lights illuminating as they passed in a gridded format. The 200 drones performed many routines, creating a dazzling sight for the fans. The Boise Hawks logo, an outfielder diving for the ball, and many more images illuminated the sky.

Two jet planes hover over Boise Hawks baseball stadium in Boise, Idaho, for a GO Drone Show Event.

This performance by Go Drone Shows made this one of the most creative and extensive post-game shows for Hawks fans.

GO Drone Shows “Flight Team” member Sam Jackson inspecting our drones before they take flight for the show later that evening.

The Boise Hawks knew that adding the unique experience of a Go Drone Show would elevate their event. Here at Go Drone Shows, we were excited and honored to have the opportunity to work with The Boise Hawks. Where will Go Drone Shows be next?